As stewards of the creative spirit it is always exciting when we get to play a role in engineering something as impactful as the King of Arms Parade’s Ford F150 truck for this year’s DLECTRICITY.

DLECTRICITY’s annual weekend of extensive art installations and celebrations across Midtown is a feast for the senses and brings an intoxicating energy to the city of Detroit.

The King of Arms Parade was a new addition to this year’s festivities with renowned international artist Rashaad Newsome bringing his incredible vision across artistic media to celebrate diversity and acceptance.

CG was honored to be charged with wrapping the truck with Newsome’s design. The lead vehicle of the parade, the truck was not only the beginning of the procession but also the very first piece of art attendees would be exposed to that weekend.  

The CG team worked directly with Newsome to ensure every detail and artistic representation was executed seamlessly to his vision. Working with artists can have its challenges, but being visionaries ourselves, we made all attempts to maintain the integrity of the piece.

The result was a captivating vision of grills, Gucci, bees and an eclectic array of colors you’d never imagine on a truck. It was high fashion meets the rugged road in a perfect symbolic example of worlds colliding into celebration.

In addition to the artistry, it was a privilege to play a small part in the parade’s message that echoes the importance of acceptance. Featuring a marching band, motorcycle club, underground voguers, LGBTQ and more, the parade is a nod to Newsome’s annual King of Arms Ball. This celebration of music and art brings together members of the art, music, literary, fashion, activism and countless other communities each year. It honors the power and history art plays on culture with a performance competition held in New York.

The parade transported that spirit to Midtown and set the stage for a weekend to remember. As artist in residence Newsome also had a video composition Phantasm showing in the great hall of the DIA and his performance piece Shades Composition closed out the weekend.

Our time working on this project both challenged and excited us, and we thank our friends at Campbell Marketing and Communications and Ford Motor Company for knowing we were the right partner for this opportunity. We love to see art come to life with each project we do and it really fires us up when we know something has impacted the world positively.

We look forward to seeing Newsome continue to leave his indelible mark on society spreading love across all art forms and hope our paths cross again in the future!