At CG Detroit we love tackling clients’ seemingly impossible challenges! That’s why Lemonade Films called on our team for its Exorcising the Demon video. 

In order pull off the film they needed a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon in Pennzoil yellow. Not an easy task, since it’s a very specific shade and the car doesn’t even come in yellow. Plus, it had to show up accurately on film.

Our team of color experts took to researching to find an impeccable match. Looking at other films and websites they discovered an overlay called Starburst Gold which included a hint of sparkle that would pop on the screen. It was sublime.

Once the color was selected the need for a flawless application was imperative. A single car was provided by Dodge for the shoot. The Demon is a piece of art in itself, with only a limited number in existence. Anything less than perfection would not be acceptable. The CG team of installers are engineers in their own right. Precision and meticulous application is how they perform every job. There was no pattern to follow for this installation. The results were astonishing. Anyone who didn’t know better would swear the car was painted not wrapped.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself by watching the video here: